Sunday, October 18, 2009

Denim Ruffles

I finished up some denim ruffle pants for the shop on Saturday, they will listed soon! I took Chad some dinner when he was at the other farm filling the grain bins and decided to take Lindsey back to the barn lot for some pictures! Let me just tell you this it was freezing out! Some of the pictures turned out well, the sun was setting and the lighting was great. I got excited when I seen this old truck out there! Lindsey wasn't quite sure about sitting on it but I insisted it would look marvelous! I actually like the old truck, I think it adds lots of character!
This one here is one of my favorites, I just love the colors in the background!
And here is one last picture of Lindsey doing her supermodel pose! 
I do have admit that it is always so funny when we do a photo shoot together! I tell her to"work it darling work it" in this super funny french accent! Its always hysterical, and I do manage to get her to pose for me and have fun with it! I have lots more things that need to be photographed for my shop so be sure to check it out within the next few weeks! On a different note, tomorrow Jacob has his doctors appointment down in Indy, he should be getting his new glove! I sure hope so because his other ones are to small and have some holes in them! He is definitely a hard working country boy! Also, we are writing the first check for the money raised with Riley's Pop Garden Knot dress, the total comes to $84! Wahoo! The money will be going to the Riley Hospital for Children's Burn Unit! A huge Thank You to all of my sweet customers!  Lisa

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