Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentines Day 2010!

Wow, am I late for posting about Valentines day or what! All with good reason though, we have been soo busy lately, with school and everything else live brings! Chad and I celebrated our Valentines day last Friday night, by going out to eat just the two of us! How romantic! We ended up eating at Texas Roadhouse for dinner and to our surprise we got a table as soon as we walked in the door, that was at five o'clock! We did very well beating the crowds, when we left at around six thirty, the wait was pretty long! Let me just tell you this, wow did I eat and eat! I admit it was definitely nice to go out just Chad and I for a change. Although it was quite different only cutting up my own food, I guess that's because I am so used to cutting up other little peoples food along with my own! I have admit I did given Chad a really sweet Valentines day gift that he is sure not to forget for a while! Ha! Ha! Let's just say I got him a little something sweet! After we were done eating we went to the jewelry store to go and look at some rings, I really wanted a plain rose gold band for my anniversary ring. That was until I seen some really pretty rings with diamonds in them! So I decided to get one with ten little diamonds in it and Chad got a new Tungsten gold ring! Actually, Chads ring has the rose gold on it! Is that funny or what, I really wanted rose gold and he got it instead! Ha! These were a Valentines/early anniversary gift, how exciting! Overall Chad and I had a wonderful evening out together, just the two of us! I know I was really excited about it, my excitement was comparable to our first date about twelve years ago! Hopefully we can make plans to go out more often!!! Lisa

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