Monday, March 22, 2010

Classic Cars, Trucks and Tractors!

Last Friday Jacob and I took a rode trip while Kyle and Lindsey were at school! We went to Auburn, Indiana for an antique tractor show and then to a classic car and truck museum. I'm pretty sure Jacob had a blast, he was so excited to tell Kyle and Lindsey all about his day when we got home! I think Kyle and Lindsey were just a tad jealous that they did get to go! Of course while we were there I took lots of pictures, unfortunately I only had my 35mm lens so I always had to back up to get a whole tractor in the frame, not to mention that lens really only focus on one spot rather than the whole frame! Let me also say that Jacob was such a big boy while we were there, he walked around as if he know exactly where he was going and what he was looking for! It was incredibly cute, typical man I suppose he must have learned from the best! Get ready for picture overload! The picture below is one that makes me laugh, Jacob is caressing a $1,700 pedal tractor! I told him not to touch those tractors and what does he do, ever so gently caressing the steering wheel! Is that funny or what?!
Finally Jacob could sit on some tractors! The little tractor below looks just like on that Chad has! Much smaller of course and a different color!
Here is Jacob on a bigger tractor and he accidentally pushed the horn! It sure scared him at first, but then he thought it was funny!
This picture below is one that see and hear very often, just put a vvvrrrrooommm with that!
Then it was off to the classic car and truck museums! Just check out these fancy cars!
At the museum they had the original art room that car designers would have drawn out new cars. Below is Jacob drawing out his new car design! (Actually it was more like a tractor or truck design!)
Then we found this rather funny contraption! A pay-phone, he had to call collect because he didn't have any money! (Just joking of course the phone didn't really work!)
Below is Jacob actually posing for me! I tried almost all day to get him to look at me and stop and pose, then what do you know, he says "mommy take my picture!".
And finally one last picture for you! Through the eyes of a just turned three year old!
That last picture was actually taken by Jacob, not to worry I had the camera strapped around my neck! Of course I didn't realize until I got home and was going through all of our pictures from the day and the ones that Jacob took how the world looks to him! Poor little guy I felt really bad for him then, that picture above is what he seen most of the afternoon in the truck museum! No wonder he loved the phone booth and model truck displays so much, rather then the real trucks, he could actually see them! I will definitely have to remember that the next time we go some where. Overall though, I think he had a pretty good time, he still talks about it as if he wants to go back! Lisa

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