Monday, September 26, 2011

One Thousand Blessings


376. School being cancelled for the day because of fog

377. Walking with the kids to the library for story time

378. The pictures the kids colored for me

379. Lindsey excited about a Cinderella party

380. Watching Lillian crawl up onto one step

381. Chicken salad sandwich

382. Finding new jeans that actually fit

383. Making plans for a preschool field trip

384. Jacob excited about his new shoes

385. Lillian's little socks that look like mary jane shoes

To learn more about One Thousand Gifts visit Ann's blog, A Holy Experience, and take the dare to count as many blessings in which the Lord has you with!

1 comment :

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

A Cinderella party sounds like so much fun! I love chicken salad. Yay for new shoes! Socks that look like mary janes... how cute is that?! Wonderful list of gifts!