Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Program 2011!

Kyle and Lindsey had their school Christmas program the Last week and they both did great! Lindsey was super excited about a solo that she had with a few of her classmates, it was short and sweet. Lindsey loves that kind of attention, if it has anything to do with singing and being in front of an audience she is all for it! Kyle on the other hand could really do with out performing in a Christmas program, which I can completely relate to I don't like to be in front of a crowd either. Here is Lindsey singing her part of the solo she with her classmates, they all did a great job!
Oh how she loves to sing!
Kyle's class did the cutest song ever! Really it was soooo cute, I loved every bit of it, the song was 'Santa's Getting Fit For Christmas' and the with the words and motions it was Adorable!Even though Kyle doesn't normally like that sort of thing, I could tell he did have fun with it! Of course maybe being in the front row he felt he had to do it really well, either way he did a great job and looked so cute! At the end of the program Kyle's class sang 'Silent Night' in the dark with just their candles lit and of course I didn't take picture of that because I had a brain fart! (I think it was that I was all alone, nobody came with me not even Jacob or Lillian, they had a stomach thing going on. I guess I can't function well being out all by myself.) So I just sat their and watched my little boy and his classmates sing and didn't even think to get a picture of them with their candles lit! This of course was his last elementary school Christmas program too! When it was over and the lights came back on I kicked myself for not getting a picture of him! Lesson learned!

I also wanted to share a few picture of the kids when they went to our local fire station to see Santa on Saturday. Of course Kyle thinks he is to old and too cool for Santa! (I think Kyle may know something!)
Jacob likes him because he gives you presents if your good, and I remind him of that daily!
Lindsey likes him because she has a long list of things she wants him to bring!
Lillian on the other hand didn't want anything to with that crazy looking man presents or no presents!
Christmas is almost here and I am finally done with my Christmas shopping, I even have some things wrapped! How crazy is that, this may be the first! I am super excited about Christmas this year because we get to spend it in our new home!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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