Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First Story time!!!

Long time no post! Well yesterday I took the little bear to his very first story time at the public library. It brought back many memories of when I took Kyle and Lulu to there first story time, Kyle was about the same age as the little bear when he first went to story time. The little bear did very well for his first time, he sat on his carpet square and listened to the story and tried doing the rhymes. The craft that they did was to make a Hersey kiss out of paper and put sparkles on it. As you can see below he was very much into it at the beginning until the instructor passed out a Hersey kiss for all of the kids to eat! Forget this give me the CHOCOLATE he says!!!
"your doing a great job mom, no what, I think you missed a spot!""mom isn't this your job? Why do I always have to clean up after you?"
Well I like to think he had fun for his first story time maybe we will go back next week! I am hoping to start posting more regularly here on my blog, hints the word hoping! Much love, Lisa!

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Di said...

That's so sweet! I doubt Braden a.k.a. monkey boy would sit still through something like that but I'll have to try! He does love books! I'm so glad you're finally posting again! I do hope you do this more frequently!
Well, kisses! (like the Hershey Kisses lol)-Di