Friday, February 27, 2009

Fun find Friday

So yesterday I stopped by Target on my way home from school to get the little bear something for his 2nd birthday on the 28th and you will never guess what I found! The fisher price little people barn that looks identical to the old one that I used to play with as a child! (My mom still has the one that I played with as a child and when we go over my kids will play with the house and  the barn.) Of course I just had to buy it for the little bears birthday, I think he will enjoy it if not I will haha. I can't believe how much the barn and house look like the original ones! (Sorry I couldn't get a picture for you I will post one after I give it to the little bear.) I asked him old he was going to be before he went to bed tonight and he finally said "me two"! I was so excited I have been trying to get him say that for a little while now. Well tomorrow  Jacob and I will get to celabrate another birthday together, how exciting is that!!!  Lisa

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Di said...

Happy Birthday Sis! I love and miss you guys! Hope your Birthdays are really great!