Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sage, beige or blue which one should I do!!!

Well, this Saturday my husband and I are going to paint our bedroom, sounds pretty easy, just buy a color and paint. Well, I wish it was that easy, the problem is I still, after months of looking at paint colors, can not decide on what color I want to paint the room. I absolutely love the sage green color of this bedroom.  
 image: Country Living
But I also love the brightness of this room, and that armoire is simply beautiful!

For now I think I am leaning more towards a neutral color somewhat like the picture below. It has a warm cozy feel to it, by the way I love the light fixture!  
After looking at tons of photos from Country Living and BHG I am starting to feel inspired to change things up a bit and paint. Its just the power of paint, it truly does make all the difference when it comes to a room. Now, I just have to decide which color I am going to go for, I have until Friday night! Oh the pressure! (Don't worry I will keep you posted on which color I decide.)

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