Tuesday, August 9, 2011

10 Months Old!

Yikes, I almost forgot to post Lillian's 10 month update! Over the past month you seem to have really grown! You have gotten really fast at army crawling and started to get up your hands and knees and rock yourself back and forth, but for you army crawling is faster! For the first time the other day you got yourself into a sitting position from your belly! You haven't started to pull yourself up yet, why bother you know someone will come along to help you stand!
You seem to be using your left hand just a little more than your right, you love to sing songs like the itsy bitsy spider, wheels on the bus and twinkle twinkle little star to name a few, its so cute to watch you try to do the motions! You could care less about the TV which is a good thing, Jacob wanted nothing to do with TV and still doesn't watch it! You love music and I caught you dancing while Lindsey was playing the piano the other day. You love Elizabeth Mitchell's music so much that you seem to recognize it when it plays. You have started to fall asleep on your own with the help of music from the O' Neill Brothers piano music.
Everything goes into mouth, even the dirt and grass outside which is kinda gross. You have started to point to things when we read and love to point to at your baby dolls eyes and move them open and shut (you tried to do that with Jacob the other day when he was laying beside you, he sure didn't like that!) You are starting to show your temper a bit, you sure know what you want and don't want! Your personality is really starting to show and we love watching you grow!!!!
Blessings, Lisa

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