Wednesday, November 16, 2011

13 Months Old!

Oh my, I almost forgot that Lillian is now 13 months old! I feel as if ever since last month she is really starting to act her age! Let me explain, before this month she wouldn't really become upset if someone took something from her that she probably shouldn't have but now she will throw a fit! Oh yes, she will lay her pretty little head on the floor to cry and pout! I only hope this last for a short while!
She may not be walking yet, but the girl can sure move and climb 15 out of the 16 steps on stairs! (Don't worry I was with her the whole time!) We have had to purchase a baby gate to keep her from climbing Mount Everest, I mean the stairs.
I have complied a list of things that I found Lillian doing!
~ Loves to eat and drinks from her sippy cup
~ Still doesn't want to sleep through the night for some reason
~ Really dislikes her crib even though she is hardly in it
~ Still takes two naps some days
~ Will not watch TV at all no matter what
~ Loves to flip through her books
~ Will climb all over you if your on the floor laying
~ Likes to play Little People and dolls
~ Gives her baby dolls hugs and kisses
~ Loves to play peek a boo and crawl around being chased
~ Will go potty on her potty chair
~ Loves to splash in the bath
~ Tries to put her shoes (and Lindsey's sparkly shoes) on by herself
~ Tries to put her jacket on
~ Loves to empty things out and put things in
~ Will stand for a few moments all by herself
~ Understands the word no
~ Loves to sing and dance
~ Does a really good job marking all over Lindsey's homework paper with a pencil
~ Has figured out where we keep the food in the cabinet
Lillian has really started to become brave lately and let go of the table, chair or other piece of furniture she is leaning against. She will also let go of my hands when she is standing with me, all by herself like a big girl! We think that you may be walking by the end of the year! Lillian also seems to enjoy sitting in the bouncy seat that we bought last year when she was a baby. She didn't seem to care about the seat until I put a little baby that I babysit for in it!
We love how much fun you are becoming our little Lillie bug, your personality is really starting to show and we love it! Even though you may throw a fit, it is the cutest thing ever! I also noticed that your hair is getting just a little longer too!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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