Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Break 2011!

The kids had fall break last Friday and this past Monday on Halloween, and the weather was perfect for it! We had planned to go to a local Celery Bog and had everything ready to go, nature journals colored pencils and binoculars for our nature trip. The unfortunate part was that once we got close to the Celery Bog we found out that the road was closed due to construction. So instead we went to the zoo near by that has a really fun park for the kids to play at. (After wards we did make a trip to Target!)
Jacob wasn't sure about riding on this, but he liked watching!
Lillian enjoyed watching us!
The kids pushed me on it too!
Lillian loves to try and climb up slides, she does it at home all the time, she doesn't care to much about going down them!
Of course before we left the kids had to roll down the big hill!
I think it made Jacob a bit dizzy! He wasn't sure about rolling down the hill at first!
The kids and I had lots of fun that day and thankful the weather was beautiful! It's hard to believe that the next break that the kids will have will be Thanksgiving break! Where did the time go! Blessings, Lisa

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