Monday, January 9, 2012

One Thousand Blessings


516. Much warmer than normal January days

517. Sewing Lillian a cute Valentines day dress

518. The boys excited about being able to play outside

519. Our water bill being just under one hundred dollars this month

520. Kyle and Lindsey excited to go back to school after Christmas break

521. Long phone conversations

522. Writing down all the important dates on our new 2012 calender

523. Listening to Jacob play his preschool computer games while I sew, Lillian naps and Kyle and Lindsey are at school

524. Growing my Little Green Swing facebook fan page

525. Lillian only waking up two times during the night and getting closer to someday having a whole nights sleep

To learn more about One Thousand Gifts visit Ann's blog, A Holy Experience, and take the dare to count as many blessings in which the Lord has blessed you with!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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