Monday, January 30, 2012

One Thousand Blessings


546. Checking out books at the library with the kids for the winter reading program

547. Running 5 miles

548. Borrowing a treadmill from Chad's mom

549. Lillian not having to get shots until kindergarten

550. Reading books with the kids

551. Playing Candyland with Jacob while Lillian naps

552. Baby Orajel for Lillian's back molars coming in

553. Seeing someone I haven't seen for awhile and having a nice visit with them

554. Having the extra money for really, really large electricity bill this month

555. 50° weather in January

To learn more about One Thousand Blessings visit Ann's blog, A Holy Experience, and take the dare to count as many blessings in which the Lord has blessed you with!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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