Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cheer Camp 2012

Last week on Tuesday Lindsey had her cheer camp performance during the high school basketball game. She was so excited to finally preform her routine, it had been postponed due to weather we had a few weeks ago. She remembered a lot of what she had learned which was great, she loves an audience. I was the only one that went with her since it was a school night. Chad stayed at home the other kids and even Lillian! I did call him about three times to make sure Lillian didn't miss me too much. Chad told me that 'she didn't even know I was gone'!
Lindsey waving to the crowd!
I enjoyed myself and didn't worry about taking to many pictures, I just wanted to enjoy her moment! I know she had lots of fun and she was so cute to watch! Blessings, Lisa

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