Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Celery Bog!

Over spring break the kids and I took a field trip to the Celery Bog! This was our first time going, we had plans to go last year over fall break but the road was closed and couldn't get there. We packed our lunches and left in the morning, the kids were really excited. Once we got there we went into the nature center to pick up our trail packets and started off down the winding path. I have come to the conclusion that I would completely useless if we ever got lost in an extra large wooded area, like a forest. Yep, I can scratch park ranger off my list of things to do!

The kids learned how to use a compass, read a map along with following the instructions as to where to go. I am just thankful we had the map to cheat and look from instead of having to rely on only the directions! Because believe me reading those directions was like reading a foreign language. Sure, a slight bend in the path, really! Obviously we survived other wise I wouldn't be blogging about it, but then again it has taken me quite awhile to get around to finishing this post!

The first check point we get too, such an easy find, we learned about how the celery bog came to be.
Then we ventured on the path again and came to this little landing to watch the ducks and other birds.
Moving along we had lunch and I found a tick crawling on Lillian's pant leg which was enough to get us up out of the grass. It was a good thing we were done eating, for the most part! Then we had to do a quick body check for ticks, thankfully none, ugh I cant stand those little things!

Then we ventured 15 miles out of our way, no just kidding it was more like 2 but felt like 15! I think at one point I did get a little nervous because the lady said it would take around thirty minutes to do. We sure passed the thirty minute mark! Then my map and directions were of no help, just stay on the path and it will take us somewhere. Thankfully we did see some people ridding their bikes and two other people running and a man in the middle of the trees! The man in the middle of the trees kinda worried me a bit! But of course after talking to him, he was a nice fellow.

Then we found the Man Eating swamp, which kinda scared me pieces! Is this thing really man eating, like bottom less, never ending! And if it was, why didn't they have a rail around the little bridge! Not to worry it wasn't but back in the day people thought it was.
At the last stop the information stated something along the lines of 'notice the trees above you' and Kyle mentions yeah they look like they are going to fall down on us! I was windy out and they did look kind of like they could fall! They only had tall and short trees, no medium sized trees and I can't tell you why, you would have to go there and figure that out for yourself! Once we finally made it back to the nature center alive the kids wanted to explore the place and watch the birds from inside!
We played frog checkers and I learned more about frogs than I ever wanted to know.
Lillian tried to touch some fossils
Over all the kids had a blast and we have decided we will go back once the trees have some green to them. Next time we may do the bird or flower adventure, where you have to find certain birds or flowers along the path. (Knowing our luck we may find poison ivy the next time, he! he! just kidding, or so I hope!) Blessings, Lisa

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