Sunday, March 25, 2012

Celtic Woman!

Oh my did Lindsey and I have such an Amazing time today, we went to see Celtic Woman live in concert! The first time we seen the advertisement on TV Lindsey begged to go, so I got online and seen how much tickets cost and yikes! Maybe a little more than what I wanted to spend for tickets, but now after going it was well worth it and more! We got to concert hall with about 10 minutes to spare found our seats and not long after it went completely dark and they started to sing one of our many favorite songs, 'Dulaman'. The look on Lindsey's face was priceless!

One of our favorite parts was before they sang 'Teir Abhaile Riu', Lisa Lambe was at one side of the concert hall and Chloe was five rows in front of us! During the intermission Lindsey and I bought a bag of skittles and bottle of water. Lindsey mentioned that she wanted to meet the girls and how cool that would be. I had to bring her back down from her dream world and explain to her that it isn't easy to meet celebrities like these ladies. As much as I would have loved to tell her yes we can meet them, I just didn't want her to get her hopes up for some that would be impossible!

We went back up stairs to our seats and sang along with 'Green Grows The Rushes'. The girls wanted the audience to learn the lyrics to sing along, it was quite comical. We watched an amazing drummer who had a standing ovation, a talented man playing the bag pipe and of course a wonderful finale. Once it was over Lindsey and I went to see if they had anymore tee shirts left, not in the size I wanted so we left. Once we come around the edge of the building we seen the semi trucks and people waiting by the caution tape. So I told Lindsey lets watch and see if we can see anyone come out! I handed Lindsey a pen and our tickets just in case someone came over she could have them sign it. First we seen the talented drummer come out to get in the bus.
So we waited some more, until we seen them! I was so giddy at this point, I felt half my age!They got on the bus and we all thought that was it, but it wasn't, they got back off the bus! Lisa Lambe came over to Lindsey and signed her tickets, asked her name told her that she look pretty in her dress and said a few other things I cant remember! (I was way to excited!) Isn't she a beauty inside and out! For her to take the time to talk with Lindsey and not just sign her ticket and move on was gracious, she didn't have to do that!
Then she met the newest member, Susan!
And then she met Chloe, she is so talented and Lindsey was really excited to met her!
I had my picture taken with Lindsey and Chloe.
Before we left I had Lindsey stand in front of their semi trailer!
We were so excited after meeting them, and Lindsey was so proud of her autographs. I called Chad and told him, actually Lindsey told him and he was in shock. This was something that we NEVER would have imagined. These women are such wonderful ladies and are the women that I want my girls to look up too. The concert was amazing, electrifying, comical, and beautiful. If they ever come back to this area again we will be there!!!! Blessings, Lisa


Rick said...

Great review and pictures. Glad your daughter got to meet the ladies.

Rachel said...

I love Celtic Woman! My husband took me to see them for Valentine's Day a couple of years ago. That's so cool that she got to meet them.