Friday, July 18, 2008

First Haircut

I have been meaning to post this since last week! Last Wednesday I finally gave the little bear a haircut! Yes, at 16 months and 11 days old I cut his hair. I really didn't intend to cut all of it, just his bangs and the top but he was being very still and doing such a good that I went for the back and sides. I would have taken pics while I was cutting his hair but, well um, he was in his birthday suit. (I was cutting his hair right before his bath.) He looks like such a little stud, I hope that nobody calls him a cute little girl anymore. I had an older lady at the store one day say "she's cute", at first I thought, who is she talking about. Then come to find out she was talking about the little bear, not lulu who was also with me! Yeah thanks lady but he is All boy, he was even wearing dark blue. Someone needs to get grandma some new glasses. Ha!Ha! 
So here he is!

One other thing to post my husband made a tire swing for the kids on Sunday! The kids love swinging on it and fighting over who's turn it is. 
Ha! Ha! It's mommy's turn so move it or loose it.

Well gotta go I have some sewing that that needs to be done. 
Have a wonderful day!!! Lisa

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