Monday, July 28, 2008

Tractors, Tractors and more Tractors!

Yesterday my husband, the kids and I had to go and pick up his antique tractors that were at a steam and gas show. The kids also got to do the kiddie tractor pull were they each got there own trophy! Little Lulu got fourth place and a pink ribbon (her favorite color) and the cool dude got second place and a red ribbon! They both did an amazing job and got really far. Great job kids!Also, here are a few more pictures of my husband and his tractors. He will really enjoy seeing this post as he is very proud of his tractors and all of the work that he has put into them.  This tractor was orange when we got it about about four years ago. My husband is "plum crazy" and painted it purple. K. was such a little dude back when we got this tractor! This is his latest tractor, below, which he bought this spring and already wants to sell it! He and his friends enjoy riding it around so I don't think he should get ride of it.  OK, enough about tractors I will adding more designs to my shop this week so be sure to check them out. Also, I have decided to start making ponytail holders to match my clothing in my shop. It was a toss up between headbands and ponytail holders and well since little lulu doesn't wear headbands for very long and she always has her hair up in a ponytail we decided on matching ponytail holders! One last thing, I will be posting my Menu Plan Monday later today after I figure out what we are having and go to the store to get some much needed food! HA!HA! (The kids keep telling me that there is "nothing" to eat.) Have a wonderful day!  Lisa

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