Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What a big boy I have!

I am so excited, today my little bear went to the potty like a big boy!!! He was standing next to me as I was doing my homework on the couch and starts to make funny noises so I ask him " Do you need to go to the potty? Lets go to the potty!" Of course he takes of running to the bathroom and stands in front of the toilet, I have to assist him with his pants and cloth diaper. I thought he was done by the looks of his diaper but he sat on the potty and went!!! Hooray! I was so excited for him i'm not sure if he really understands what a big deal that is! My little 19 month old went to the potty for the first time, how exciting is that! I realize this may not last for long and that it may just be a phase, simply because he likes stuffing the toilet full of toilet paper and he enjoys the flushing sound, I won't push the subject with him. I am definitely grateful that he is showing interest at only 19 months! Hooray for you little bear!!!

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southern sweetie said...

Hello! I saw your stuff on Etsy and loved it all. I just recently started doing the same kind of clothes. I have created me a blogspot too. Just wanted to say Hi.