Sunday, May 31, 2009

Harry the Cat

It saddens me to write this (well not that much!)but Harry (the cat) has passed away sometime on Saturday. Poor Harry came into our lives about two months ago from who knows where, although Chad thinks it may have came from one of the neighbors. He showed up in the backyard one day and kids feel in love with him, needless to say he never left! Harry was found unresponsive in the play house lastnight about 11:00 were he was then pronounced dead on the scene by Kyle and my husband Chad. The cause of death is unknown and no an otopsy report was not performed! Ha!Ha! His bural was this afternoon behind the fence in our back yard, were he loved to frolic and play all day! On Friday evening Lindsey had mention to me, while I was making dinner, that Harry wasn't feeling well. I didn't go out to check on the cat only becuase I was busy but I wish I would have now! Later that evening I had to help Chad move his tractor and completly forgot about the cat. Then on Saturday we were gone all day with graduation open houses. It wasn't until late that evening when we found him! (Poor cat!) Jacob loved that cat so much and I think the cat loved him just as much! Jacob tried to bring the poor cat in the house quite a few times but I just wouldn't allow it, I'm not sure who was more upset about that Jacob or Harry! Here are some photos that I took about two weeks ago of Harry (the cat) and Jacob play in the backyard. One of Harry's favorite past times was riding on the tractor with Jacob! 
Jacob tried so hard to get that cat to ride with him!
I love this one blow, poor Harry has this "Help Me" look on his face!
I think they both had enough of each other and Jacob looks as if he's telling Harry "Fine I don't want you to ride with me anyway!" ha!ha!
I found one last photo of Lindsey trying to smoother the cat during a photo shoot! 
I think we will all miss Harry but I know that we can always get another farm cat for the kids to play with and hopefully not smoother to death! I hope you enjoyed the photos of Harry, he will be missed for awhile anyway! Lisa

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Di said...

Poor Harry:( I love the pictures of Jacob holding his pal. So cute! Makes me sad too!