Saturday, September 19, 2009

Parking Instructions!

Today seemed to be a very busy day for us, we went quite a few different places all in one day! So this morning  I got the pleasure, not really, of taking some tires to a recycling center about a half hour north of were we live. Chad and Kyle left to go to a farm machinery auction and so Lindsey, Jacob and I drove the truck to the recycling center. Then when we got back to the farm I decided to go to an Apple Popcorn festival in a town close by, it was about two or three in the afternoon when we got there and everyone else and their brother were already there! I tell you what, finding a parking spot was eventful! Then I found one, this lady had just left so I pulled in her spot and then decide, well this isn't going to work my back end was still sticking out. Just great I was going to have to parallel park like I was taking my drivers test all over again! For me that was easier said then done! So I started backing in of course I was thinking wow this is pretty easy, then I hit the curb so I had to pull forward and try it again! I got backed in but I was still on the curb just a little bit so I had Lindsey jump out on her side and tell me how far I was from the car behind us. She, being the drama queen, said your this far with her hands all of six inches apart seen below!
Oh my I thought so I pulled forward and she was saying oh no mommy your going to run over the flowers right here! Just great who in the heck puts flower by the curb! So I finally got the van in a somewhat good spot and when I got out to open the back and get Jacobs stroller out you will never believe how close I was to the other car behind me! About four feet yes four feet rather than Lindsey's 6 inches she was showing me! I couldn't help but laugh, I bet we were a sight to see! A mother listening to a six year old directing her how to park! Gotta love it! Since the festival had lots of people we didn't stay very long, we did stop a few yards sales and all we got was a 50 cent pop from this really nice lady who I chatted with for sometime! Then we walked back to the van and went home, so we took the scenic route and I took some pictures of the brand new windmills that are about five miles away from our house! There are so many of them its crazy and to think we are going to have to be looking at them for a very long time!
Lesson learned for today is, do not take parking instructions from a six year old!       Lisa

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Di said...

Omg! Too funny Lisa! I couldn't help but picture the two of you girls and crack up!! Hilarious!! I love you guys:)
p.s. I can't parallel park worth a darn either! I stick so far out on the road I should b ashamed of myself sometimes!!