Monday, September 14, 2009

Small Town Fun!

This past weekend the very small town that we live outside of had a festival on Saturday. They had a parade, circus and some rides, it wasn't very big but hey it gave us something to do! All of the rides for the kids to ride on were free for anyone that came, they even had an elephant that you could ride on! We were in the parade in the afternoon, in the photo below you can see Chad, Jacob and I riding on the small tractor pulling (or so it looks) the Semi that Chads dad is driving and his grandfather is riding in the cab! On the trailer they put all red international tractors on and the kids rode on the back with my mother-in-law and Chads good friend, throwing candy to everyone.  
Jacob got to ride on a carousel for the very first time! (he doesn't get out much!)
They even had a mechanical bull that the kids could ride on so Kyle and Lindsey gave it a try! Lots of redneck fun I tell ya! Can you see the elephant in the back ground! (Just for the record Lindsey did stay on the bull longer than Kyle by about 20 seconds!) 
Jacob enjoyed watching all the crazy kids ride on the mechanical bull! 
And then that evening they had fireworks!!! (Which Jacob loved watching!)
Overall it was a fun day for all of us, the kids enjoyed seeing most of their friends from school and it was nice to see everyone from the town come together for this event!    Lisa

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More than Survival said...

We were there, too!!!! We basically just went to the parade... LOVED your float! It was a beautiful day. Apple pop corn festival next week!!