Thursday, September 9, 2010

Flower Pin Tutorial

Today I will show you how to make a vintage inspired flower pin! I admit I enjoy making these super easy and cute pins, and I hope you do too! There are so many different flower pin variations out there but I prefer to do things in my own little way! These flower pins are rather inexpensive to make and take no time at all!
Lets get started!

What you will need:
~ Scrap fabric
~ Scissors
~ Needle/thread
~ Button
~ Pin back or a hair clip
~ Felt or fusible interfacing (rather small piece)
~ 3 inch circle template using pencil and paper (I used a protractor for perfect circle)

Begin by cutting out four circles from two different fabrics. (You may use more than two fabrics I just choose to do two fabrics for this first pin tutorial.) You should have a total of 8 circles. (Sorry, I only have two shown)
Next, cut out a circle from your small piece of felt or fusible interfacing, making it slightly smaller than your back circle. I used fusible interfacing on mine so I ironed it on. If you are using felt you will simply sew all pieces together towards the end.
Now, get another circle and fold it in half like shown and place it on top of your backing. Repeat this until all of your circles are gone.
I then crossed over one color and then the other so that I had the same color of fabric across from each other, you may do what you wish with yours. Be creative and try different ways of placing your "petals"!
Once you have all of your pieces where you want them, place a button in the middle of your flower. Then get out your needle and thread and start sewing all of the pieces together, be sure to start from the back of the flower. Also, make sure you are sewing all of your pieces together, to check, simply tug on each fabric piece to make sure they don't come out! If one does just simply tuck it back in and finish sewing!
Once you have gotten your pieces sewn add your pin backing and finish sewing it on. Be sure to go through all of the holes in the pin and secure it is rather tight. When you are sewing the pin backing on you only need to go through the last layer two layer of fabrics. As you can see below.
When your have gotten everything sewn pull your needle through the top of your last two layers of fabric and tie a knot tightly and secure. Cut all of your strings and Voila you are done!
Here is another one that I did using different colors of fabrics.
Once you are all done you can pin it to your shirt, purse, tote bag, scarf, sew it on a headband add it to a hair clip! Oh my the list can go on and on! I do have another pin that I made using a little different technique. I will save that for another post, but here is a sneak peek at it!!!
I hope you understand my instructions, this is my first ever tutorial so I hope things make sense to you! If you have any question feel free to leave a comment or email me! Get busy and make yourself or someone else some flowers!!!! Lisa

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Melissa Dark said...

What a great tutorial! I love your blog and your etsy store...beautiful dresses. Thanks for stopping by Greener Grass the other day!