Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ready for Fall!

Goodness am I ready for fall or what! With today being the first day of Autumn someone had forgotten to inform Mother Nature that she can turn down the temperature! Geesh, she must be confused, its fall not summer! The temperature outside was a whooping 92 degrees, or in other words a great day to stay inside in the air condition! I am more than ready for the weather to cool down. I am ready for:
~crunchy leaves
~long sleeves
~light weight jackets
~cool nights on the back porch
~leaf piles
~leaves changing colors
~fall pictures of the kids
~pumpkin carving
~open windows
~fall baking
~cool breezes
~and this year a sweet little baby!
With fall comes harvest time and of course Chad has been super busy in the fields and
so have Jacob and I! He! He! Jacob loves anything that has to do with farming so of course we play with tractors all day, or I should say we farm all day. We have a small farm (dirt pile) in our back yard that Jacob and I seem to farm regularly. Of course when Kyle comes home from school he usually takes over for me so that I can cook dinner! I personally think it's the cutest thing to watch the boys playing in the dirt with their tractors. The things they say are too cute, they sound just like the grown up farmers! The only draw back to farming season this year is that working on the other house has been put on hold. I had hoped we would be moved in before the baby comes, but that is definitely not going to happen! We don't have a plumbing yet and my beautiful kitchen cabinets are still sitting in their boxes! I am hoping we will be done with the house and moved in by the beginning of Nov. or at least before Thanksgiving! I suppose that I have excepted that we won't be moved in for a while and understand that someone has to help feed the world! I will leave you with one last picture for the first day of fall!
Of course the picture was taken last year, but it is still one of my favorites for fall! This year when I take the kids' fall pictures we will have little miss Lillian! Hopefully, we will get to meet her within the next week or two! I know I am ready to see her little feet that keep kicking me in the ribs!!! Lisa

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Amy said...

seriously. yesterday and today seem down right cold here in KY. We went from 95 degrees on Friday to 70 on Sunday. I am glad for a break in the temp, but easing into the cooler weather would have been a little nice! Glad Fall is here!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!