Sunday, December 12, 2010

Playing Dress Up!

Today was a rather blustery day outside, so what better way to spend the day than playing dress up! Lindsey has this thing about changing her clothes around 20 times a day. (OK, slight exaggeration!) I think she had a total of six or seven outfits on today! Earlier this afternoon I was folding laundry in my room on my bed, which is were I always fold laundry, and Lillian usually watches me. I'm trying to teach her young, hopefully she will be folding towels before she can walk! Ha! Ha! Lindsey was in with me and asked if she could change Lillian's clothes into a pair of pants she found in the pile! I told her yes and that I wasn't going to help her, she had to do it herself. Oh my she loved this, of course I just sat and watched along with assisting her on what I would do if I was changing her clothes. She wasn't sure if she should go up over head or down with some of the outfits! She stripped her down to her onesie and started to put on different thing. Lillian didn't seem to really mind, she's a girl so this must come natural for her to like changing her clothes!
I love how she is looking up Lindsey in the photo below, she looks somewhat worried/delighted! Ta da! Here she is! In a dress that is way to big for her! It was Lindsey's when she was little and I have the cutest picture of her wearing it! I will have to take Lillian's picture in it when she grows into size 6-9 month clothes! Oh yes and she is holding her sock in her hand, she loves to hold onto them as they are the perfect size for her hands and soft too.
Lindsey sure looks happy! Lillian, not so much!
We also made pretty flower headbands today too! Here is Lillian showing off her new flower headband! Chad had the boys with him most of the day so it was just us girls! Tomorrow the kids don't have school simply because we have 45 mph winds and about 3inches of snow! Chad and the boys went to the other house today and on the way home the wind had really picked up! Let me tell you, the boys were sure full of stories about coming home in the white out conditions! We could hardly see our neighbors house at times, that's how bad it is! Hooray for no school and burr for snow and wind!!!! Lisa

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