Thursday, April 7, 2011

6 Months Old!

It's hard to believe that six months have gone by since Lillian was born! I cant seem to wrap my head around the fact that Lillian six months old now! And for the record she actually slept though the whole night last night! (Or at least I think she did, when I woke up this morning she was in her crib and I really needed her to wake up!) I am so excited to watch you grow. It seems that over the course of the past weeks you have grown so much. I just look at you and think, how in the world did you get so big, so fast! Here is a recap of how much you have grown in just six months! Four days old (October 11th the day you were due)
One month old (November)
Two months old (December)
Three months old (January)
Four months old (February)
Five months old (March)
Six months (April)
Oh the things you can do! You are getting better at sitting by yourself, you reach for everything in sight, you are babbling more and it sounds like you are saying mama sometimes, I like to think that you are waving back to me when I wave to you (you tend to move your fingers or your hand), sometimes when you see someone new must they scare you as you tend to cry, but then again sometimes when you see someone new you smile your little heart out, you love to look at books, and listen to music and dance with me, sometimes I can lay you in your bed and you will fall asleep other times I have to rock you, you seem to have a pretty set nap schedule and don't like it interrupted, you love when Kyle and Lindsey come home from school and when daddy comes home, you like to be outside and love when the wind blows in your face (but not to much wind), now if only you could sleep through the night every night! You are such a joy to have and we all love you to pieces!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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