Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Fest

I am just a little late at posting this from our weekend! On Saturday I took Kyle, Lindsey, Lillian and my nephew to the Spring Fest down at Purdue. We went last year and the kids' really enjoyed themselves. I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to go since it was raining really hard early that morning. It had stopped and we looked at the weather radar and showed that the rain done! We took a chance and ventured down that way and thankfully the sun did come out later that afternoon!
One of the first things that we did was try their hand at Fencing! They all three loved it! I was slightly jealous that I didn't get to try, but I'm glad they did! They had to get all suited up!
Kyle wasn't quite so sure about having the zipper in the back, not sure I would have wanted to wear the jacket either!
Lindsey wasn't afraid to fight!
They boys fencing each other!
Then we went over to eat some bugs dipped in chocolate! Yum! Yum!
Lindsey, my nephew and I just couldn't eat one, we just didn't have the guts too! I know I have ate my fair share of bugs in my life, just not dipped in chocolate! Ever ride your bike or go on a run late in the evening in the countryside, I'm sure you have too!
Kyle was the only brave one and went for it! He said it had more chocolate than anything!
Then they tried a hand at stacking cups, Kyle had a real advantage at this since he did this after school for awhile and we have a basic set. Lindsey wasn't quite as good as Kyle. Then they learned about earthquakes and ways to keep our buildings capable of withstanding such catastrophes. This was right up Kyle's alley, he loves anything that has to do with engineering and making things work better.
Of course I made the children pose for a picture, they always get so excited when the mamarazzi comes out!
Poor kids with the bright sunshine in their face and Lillian has her pacifier in front of her face, she must be trying to hide from me!
The kids had fun and I am so glad the weather turned out to be such a beautiful day! Chad and Jacob stayed home and worked on getting the fence down at our current house to take and put up at the new house. They also went to the farm store together and Jacob was so proud of the new hat he got there! He called it his new hunting hat because it a picture of a deer on it and it says "Cute as a button buck"! Leave it to his father to buy him something like that!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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