Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nine Months!

Where did June go?! It's July already! Lillian is now nine months old and growing like a lily flower. Oh the things you can do, you have the Ms. America wave down, you wiggle or find your toes when I ask "wheres your toes?", wrinkle your nose up which is really cute, clap your hands, you really don't use your pacifier anymore which is a good thing since I would typically have to look for it under your bed at 2:00 in the morning and then have to stubble to the bathroom to wash it, you like to read your favorite books, eating is another one of your favorite things to do, you really don't like to wear cute headbands and not to fond of wearing a sun hat, you still love your music, you like to stand up with help, crawling is so not your thing, instead you roll around and scoot to get something! I have been lifting your little bum up to the crawling position and rock you back and forth which you like to do. Someday you will do that all by yourself and then get into everything!
Obviously you are teething and like to chew on anything you can get a hold of! (You need to learn to keep your dress down dear, your bloomers are showing!) You love to watch the other kids play, they are a great source of entertainment, you like to be outside and love love love to swing on the swing with me! You laugh and laugh when we swing together and you even hold onto the swing chains like a big girl!
You sure know how to pose for the camera! You have not one, but two teeth in now and working on two more! One on top and one on bottom, your smile is so cute. People always gush all over you when we go somewhere because you are so stinkin cute! You still do not sleep through the night, and get up at least once every early morning around two or three. One of these you will sleep through the night all by yourself! You are such a doll baby and we love you to pieces!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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