Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One Thousand Blessings


246. Finding Lillian's other shoe in the lost in found

247. Taking the kids out for a swim

248. Lindsey being somewhat back to her normal self

249. The way Lillian wrinkles up her little nose

250. Lillian getting her second tooth in

251. Baseball being completely done

252. Watching Lindsey jump off the diving board for the first time (with a life jacket on!)

253. Jacob warming up to the idea of getting in the water

254. Tractors in my front yard

255. Watching Chad with his antique tractors

256. The kids excited to watch the parade

257. Kyle having his friends sleep over

258. Watching the fireworks

259. Going out on a late night cruise on the tractor

260. Chad finally getting around to building another book shelf for the playroom

261. Living in America

261. The people that fought for our freedom

262. A small town Sesquicentennial

263. The Declaration of Independence

264. Taking the kids on a nature walk through the park

265. Spending quite time at the library with the kids

To learn more about One Thousand Blessings visit Ann's blog, A Holy Experience, and take the dare to count as many blessings in which the Lord has given you!!!!

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