Thursday, October 14, 2010

First Photo Session!

On Monday I decided to take Lillian's baby pictures and oh my was she cute! We decided not to get her pictures taken at the hospital simply because they usually turn out pretty cheesy and since I spent a lot of money on my camera and lens I could do it myself! Little Lillie (we decided to spell it that way rather than Lilly.) was fast asleep and had no idea what mommy was doing to her until the very end of our photo session! I wanted to take off her onesie but was afraid she would wake up, maybe next time! I have seen lots of cute newborn pictures online from some of my favorite photographers and I hope to mimic some of them with Lillian. I used my 35mm lens, rather than my regular lens, for a softer look.
Below, you can see some her red hair! I held my hair up to hers the other day and Chad said it's like a perfect match!
I absolutely love her facial expressions they are soo cute!!!!
Here are her little heels that would literally stick out the side of my belly!
And her cute little painted toe nails!
Then she woke up with a "what are you doing to me" look on her face! Such a cutie!
Yesterday I took pictures of Lindsey and Jacob with Lillian, Kyle wanted no part of pictures! Little does he know I have a photo session with him and his new baby sister coming soon!
My two girls!
Jacob wanted to hold Lillie!
Lillie wasn't to happy when Jacob was holding her, maybe he was pinching her! Just kidding! He was saying shhhh to her to calm her down! So sweet! Jacob loves baby Lillie and has become an awesome big brother! Of course he learned from the best, his big brother Kyle! Lillian is one week old today and she is such an easy going baby. The kids love to help out with her, talk to her and Kyle and Lindsey can't wait to see her when they get home off the school bus. "Where's Lillie" is the first thing they say when they come through the door, of course I am usually holding her! She is definitely a sweet little baby who is very well loved!!!! Lisa

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