Friday, October 22, 2010

Making the Honor Roll!

Today Kyle came home with something special from school! He made the A/B honor roll this quarter at his new school! We are so proud of him and of course he was very proud of himself! Hooray Kyle!!!!
He couldn't wait to tell me when he walked through the door this afternoon. He also got perfect attendance this quarter, but that's nothing new to him considering he has had perfect attendance for the past two school years! He loves going to his new school and quite frankly I love that the kids are there this year! I feel the school has so much more to offer the kids and the teachers and staff have been great. Kyle seems to be doing so much better in school this year and he seems to really enjoy school so much more! This is especially pleasant for me, the thing I dislike more is to see my child struggle or not really enjoy going to school. Tomorrow I am going to take him to the store so that he can get something special. I never buy the kids toys or such when we go to the store only when they have really earned it, so he will be excited! He has really earned it!!! We are sooo very proud of you Kyle!!!! Lisa

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