Monday, October 4, 2010

Our Barn Tin Ceiling!

On Saturday Chad had started to work on the ceiling in our kitchen over at our other house. Our plan was to put up barn roof tin, of course I came up with the idea when I seen a picture of it in someones kitchen on a blog and also seen one in a magazine. It just so happened that Chad has a friend that had some for us to use, since he didn't need it anymore! When I went to see the house yesterday and see the ceiling in my new kitchen, yikes, was my first thought! What was I thinking!
I have galvanized barn roof tin on my ceiling! "Could you take it down honey, I think I changed my mind!" Ha! Ha! Obviously that won't be happening, but truthfully, I really think it's starting to grow on me! I guess with it being in my kitchen it seemed very surreal. I can't wait until we finish up the dry wall and get the cabinets put in to see how it will all look together! I can guarantee that nobody else in the neighborhood has a ceiling like ours! Ha! Ha! So far, Chad only has half of the kitchen done with the tin, the other half he had to wait on since he is still running the electrical wires upstairs through that half. (Oh yes, we are redoing all of the electricity in the house! Which is a good thing considering how old the wires are and I get to have plug ins where I want them!)On a side note, the pendent light you see hanging in front of the window will hang a little lower once we get the cabinets and counters in! It looks kinda funny being so short! Oh yes, and Chad picked out the ceiling fan, it wouldn't have been my first choose but I kinda like it now! I guess my kitchen went from being shabby chic to more of a vintage/rustic look! We have moved our move in date back once again to the beginning of November or at least before Thanksgiving! We are going to be very busy withing the next few weeks with having a new baby, starting to pack finishing the house and finally moving! Hopefully we will get to meet the new baby, little miss Lillian sometime this week!!! Lisa


Nelson Mcglaughlin said...

Vintage looking kitchen is cool to have, and one of a kind! Anyway, I realize that this is a good way to recycle tin roof. Tin roof’s durability is very strong and can last long, so it will be a waste if it is thrown away. I’ve seen some people making decoration out of it, and look great. I’m pretty sure it will be the same with yours. It’s been years, I hope you’re satisfied. :-)

Nelson Mcglaughlin

Julio Wells said...

It's good to see how you can make a good decoration out of these scrap pieces of tin roofs. It added some character to your kitchen's ambiance. But hey, I think it also made the room looked a little small. Have you thought of anything to make it appear wider?