Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Getting Ready For the BIG Day!

We have been preparing to meet our sweet new baby for awhile now and I am beginning to believe she will be here much sooner than than I thought! Funny how that works out! I do have all of her things ready to go, such as her going home outfit, a special blanket that I had gotten when I found out we were expecting and a sweet little baby doll that Lindsey and I picked up over the weekend, a cute little jacket from Target for her to wear home, along with an adorable hair bow! (Of course since it may be chilly she will have a cute little bonnet to wear outside!)
I will admit everything that I have bought has been pink, so if it does turn out to be a boy Chad will have lots of exchanging to do while I am in the hospital! Lucky for him I bought everything at Target, unfortunately at many different times! He will at least have to make sure he takes the pink car seat back if it is a boy! We do have our boy name picked out just in case we will have to use it! When I had my ultrasound the technician said that it was definitely a girl but you never know!!! I really should be packing my bags as I write this and call Chad to tell him he may need to come home soon, he is over working at the new house! Not to mention get Kyle and Lindsey's clothes out for school tomorrow! Who knows we may have a new family member by the time they go to school! Let's hope so anyway!!! Lisa

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