Friday, November 26, 2010

Fun Find Friday

I am so glad I didn't venture out into the cold to go shopping today! Instead, I did my shopping online and stayed inside all day where it's warm! Now if only I could do my grocery shopping online I would be good to go this winter! I really dislike going out in the cold, especially with little ones! We had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday and get to do it again tomorrow! I honestly just got into one pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans and now I will be getting back out of them from all the yummy food I can't help but eat! I think that's just part of the holiday's, eating too much! One of my first fun finds is something that I started using for Lillian this week. The J.J. Cole Bundle me for infant seats! Really I don't remember these neat gadgets and such when Kyle and Lindsey were small!
I love it for Lillian, it keeps her cozy without all those blankets! Oh how I am not ready for the cold! Another one of my fun finds for the cold are these boots that I bought last year at the end of winter on sale!I can never figure out when wearing pants with your boots do you tuck them in the boots or have them go over the boots!? I am so not the fashion expert when it comes to things like that! I guess since its colder outside now I can pull my boots out of the closet, along with the Christmas decorations! I have already been listening to Christmas music for a few weeks now! I love Christmas music and usually start listening to it right after Halloween or sometimes before! Oh yes and tomorrow is a very special day us! We celebrate Lindsey's 8th birthday! My gosh how times flies! I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving and a fun Black Friday, shopping or not!!!! Lisa

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