Monday, November 29, 2010

A Birthday Celebration!

Lindsey celebrated her 8th birthday on Saturday November 27th! Trust me she did not let us forget about it, she had been talking about all last week! We went shopping last Wednesday at Target so that she could pick out what she wanted for her birthday, that made it much easier on me and I think she liked the idea of being able to pick things out herself! Now I wonder if I could do that for Christmas presents! Ha! Ha! Oh my that would be way to easy! I can't believe Lindsey is 8 years old now! Where did the time go? Lillian wears some of the things that I had for Lindsey when she was little and I always remind her of which outfits were hers. I think she likes that her little sister can wear something that was hers. My how she has grown over the years! Below was the first time Lindsey went to Lake Michigan, she did not want to leave the beach!
I can't believe how little Kyle and Lindsey were way back then!
Even Lindsey thinks tractors are boring!
Unless she's riding them!
My how you have grown so much over the years Lindsey! You are so full of life and so caring, loving and super funny! You can be such a girly girl yet such a tomboy! You are very athletic and super competitive. You have such a wonderful singing voice, which does not come from me as yours is pretty and mine is well, not like yours! You are such a wonderful little/big sister and will be such a great role model for your little sister Lillian! I know she will look up to her big sister when she gets older and as for now, she loves all the attention you give her!
You are such a beautiful little girl Lindsey, and we all love you very much! Happy 8th birthday my sweetheart!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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