Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Out For A Swim!

Yesterday I took the kids out for a swim at the pool! Jacob and Lindsey thought we were going to the beach and even put on some sunscreen! Jacob was gathering some toys to what he thought was the beach, he was confused for awhile, since we only really go swimming at the beach. Lindsey was excited to be able to swim and Jacob didn't want anything to do with getting in the water! I was surprised since he loves being in the water at the beach and at home!
Kyle could finally practice some of the things he learned at swimming lessons!
Jacob liked watching the other kids jumping off the diving board and even wanted to jump off the diving board himself! Not sure how he is going to jump off the diving board if he doesn't like being in the water!
Lindsey even jumped off the diving board, with a life vest on! (Really bad picture taken with the camera on my phone!)
Even Lillian wore her bathing suit! I put her toes in the water and she didn't seem to mind!
I am glad we went because I found Lillian's other shoe in the lost in found!
I have been looking everywhere for her little shoe! I had a feeling that I had left it there when Kyle was at swimming lessons! Although they are getting to small for her I still wanted the other one because they were her first pair of shoes! The kids loved swimming and I am just glad Jacob finally got in the water! Blessings, Lisa

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