Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Boat Racing at The Beach!

That's right folks boat racing, we got to experience our very first boat race by accident on Sunday! We had been planning on going to the beach for a while and when we got to Michigan City and we had to wait longer than usual to get into Washington park not knowing what the hold up was! When we finally got to the check in post to pay, I asked the girl what was going! She said this was the city's first ever boat race, and it starts at 1:00pm, since they are on slow time we had an hour before the race started. We had to park all the way out by the road, when we normally park just a few rows from the beach! Our first thought was, a boat race really, not a big deal! Little did we know that it really was a big deal, you can read about it here, they had some huge sponsors such as Geico, Panasonic, Hard Rock Cafe and Lucas Oil just to name a few! Also CBS Sports was there along with four different helicopters that kept driving around! Needless to say, the beach was filled with so many people that finding a good spot was fun! That whole walk way to the lighthouse was completely filled with people!
And more people! They were expecting about 40,000 people to be there!
 When the race did start I was surprised at just how close they were to us, only driving about 185mph! It was definitely exciting and the kids sure did get a thrill out of for a while anyway, the race lasted about an hour. We really didn't know how long it would last and I left my 55mm-200mm zoom lens out in the van and really didn't feel like walking about a mile to go get it! Lazy I tell ya! 
The boats did make some fun waves for the kids to jump over! 
Lindsey looks thrilled! She kept asking me if I could take her picture instead of the boats!
 When it was time to leave the kids were completely exhausted! Kyle looks really tired below!
On the way back to the van I made the kids stand next to a few of the big boats they could really care less at that point and were just ready to leave! They sure look like they have traveled about 700 miles in the past two days!
I did get a picture of the drivers of this boat, they have two drivers the one that is on the boat and the guy with the long hair on the right in the picture below.
Over all we did have a great time, we definitely had a very busy weekend! I am hoping to go back to the beach one last time this Saturday before the kids have to go back to school!   Lisa


Di said...

Goodness you busy girl you!

Lisa said...

Tell me about it! This summer has been the busiest thus far!

Rochelle said...

We went to the beach that same weekend.. but decided not to brave Washington Park.. we found a cute little beach a few miles from there.. a little more rustic, but nice.. I think it was Central Beach.. It was great seeing you on saturday.. I love your website!