Sunday, August 9, 2009

Road Trip

We took a road trip yesterday to Moline Illinois, this is were the John Deere tractor was born! Just to warn you this is yet another post about tractors, can you tell were farmers! The five of us and Chad's bestfriend Jerry went with us to the John Deere tractor Pavilion and World Headquarters which are in Moline Illinois. It took us about four hours to get there, driving all the way across the state of Illinois, spent about four or five hours there, then drove four hours back home! Crazy or what! Did I mention we had three children in the back, one of whom is two! I do admit they did very well the whole way there mostly because they were sleeping most of the way! The last two hours home Jacob just wanted out of his car seat, poor little guy, I felt so sorry for him, he's not the best rider and being harnessed in a car seat doesn't help! We did have lots of fun while we were there and I took lots and lots of pictures! Imagine that! 
The first place that we went to was the John Deere Tractor Pavilion
Jacob loved being able to get up in the tractors!
Kyle and Lindsey in the Combine. They both have this "really, do you
 need another picture mom" look on their faces!
Girl's can drive tractors too!
Little mother hen telling Jacob that he can't get on that tractor because its too old! (antique)
Jacob wondering where the rubber tires are!
Then we drove to the John Deere Tractor Headquarters and when we pulled into the long lane we seen some real deer! (sorry about the orange reflection, its a Washington beach parking ticket from last Saturday, the 1st, when we went and got rained out!)
Lindsey and I sporting our new pink John Deere hats!
Below, Lindsey is telling me she wants to take this one home with us! (Not sure how we can fit that one in van honey, not to mention the price tag that baby's got! WOW!)
           I love how Lindsey has her seat belt on, like she's really going somewhere! Too funny!
Taking a family picture isn't always as easy as it sounds! We are sitting in a huge loader bucket.
We finally got a good one!
Here is one of the guys, Jacob didn't really want to sit on the tractor so Chad is telling me to hurry up and take the picture! Look at Jacob's face, poor little guy!
On the way home Chad drove a different route and said he wanted to show me something that he had scene one day when he had to go to Illinois for his work. Well this is what he wanted to show me!
Not everyday you get see something like that! The people that live here must be used to visitors stopping by to take pictures from the drive way! I'm just glad they didn't have a big dog, other wise I wouldn't have gotten out, I would have made Chad take pictures! Well I hope you enjoyed more tractors! I do have lots of beach pictures to show you from today, we went back to Lake Michigan and it was amazing! I think we dove about 700 miles this weekend, so I'm ready to stay home for awhile!       Lisa


More than Survival said...

It looks like you all had a TON of fun!! Great pictures, too!

Lisa said...

Hi Heather, we sure did have lots of family fun together, great for making memories! Thanks!!!