Monday, August 3, 2009

Hole In One or Twenty one!

Yes that's right folks hole in one or well in some cases it was more like twenty one! I took the kids to go play putt putt last Friday and they had a blast! This was Jacob's first time to play putt putt and he did very well the first 6 courses then he lost interest! I think the course had around 18 holes, which is a lot for a two year old! Kyle, Lindsey and Jaci (my niece) enjoyed playing and the weather was absolutely beautiful! I told the kids that I hadn't been to that putt putt course since way back when Chad and I were dating, back when I was in high school! 
This is how Jacob plays putt putt!
Lindsey finally got the ball in after about twenty one tries!!! It took me about that many on this one too!
Jacob learned how to play the easy way, just walk up and put the ball in the hole!
Below Jacob is tell me that his ball is stuck under the green in the water! Thankfully Kyle was brave and got it out for him!
The three older ones trying to see who could get their ball in first!
Below, Jacob is trying to roll the ball in!
Over all I think the kids had fun, I know I did but it does take much for me to have fun! I think next time when we go, we just do the driving range, 18 holes was just a lot for the little guy and his mama, chasing him around!      Lisa

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