Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I've been featured!!!

I am so excited, I just found out that my Riley's Pop Garden Knot Dress has just been featured on Etsy's The Storque listed under "Making The Honor Roll"!!! I was so excited when I found this out I was jumping off the walls! (OK not really but I could have!) I was one of the 36 to be chosen for this category! Here is a link so you can check out all the other really neat items that were featured! So I snapped a picture of it on my computer screen and here it is!!! (sorry its not the greatest picture!) Can you see it on the bottom right hand corner?! I was so happy that this dress was featured because a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Riley Hospital for Children Burn Unit!!! Here is a much better picture! (Lindsey was wearing my glasses for our photo shoot!) Someone even commented on "the little girl at the desk w/ the glasses?! Priceless!" that just makes my heart flutter, how sweet!!! Also a friend of mine featured me on her blog last week, Heather from Choosing Simplicity. (Thank You Heather!) Heather is such a sweet person I feel so blessed to have met her! She is a very creative, thrifty, inspirational and gracious woman, be sure to check out her blog! My goodness it's getting late and I have school in the morning!!!              Lisa

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