Thursday, May 19, 2011

Field Day!

Well the title should say Exhausted instead of Field Day because that pretty much sums up how I felt this afternoon after running around with a bunch of pretty cool fourth graders! Oh but it was fun! Today I helped out at Kyle's school for field day which is were the kids bring a sack lunch and then have fun playing all different types of physical activities. I even joined in on some of the activities with the kids, probably made a fool of myself trying to walk with a foam noodle between my legs but that's alright, it was fun! I can remember field day way back when I was in elementary school, although it didn't seem as fun as it did today, we never had a bounce house or an obstacle course to play in!

Lillian went with me and thankfully she did great, except she did throw a little fit at the last event we were at. She knew it was time to go. The weather turned out to be a beautiful day and I learned a lesson today! RE-APPLY SUNSCREEN! My face is bright red and poor Lillian's cheek were rosy again! I took sunscreen with me and applied once but that was it. Kyle's cheeks were a little rosy but not as rosy as us girls!

Unfortunately, I didn't bring my big old camera which means absolutely no pictures! Yikes! Way to go! I didn't help out at Lindsey's school yesterday because the weather was kinda iffy and I wasn't sure about Lillian being outside since it was a bit cooler out. I guess this means that next year I will have to help out again so that I can get some pictures of them both! Kyle and I were both exhausted when we got home, but that wasn't enough to stop us from our nightly bike ride/walk after supper! Kyle has another big day tomorrow and then two games on Saturday! Poor boy is going to be exhausted!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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