Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day

I had a wonderful Mothers Day, for the most part anyway! This weekend was super busy for us, Kyle had an away baseball game, actually he had two games back to back, thankfully the rain stayed away! We even got a little sunburn through the clouds, poor Lillian's cheeks were rosy! I have baby sunscreen on the top of my list! On a whim we had a yard sale or I shall Chad had a yard sale since I wasn't really there much. Between feeding Lillian, Kyle's baseball pictures and games, Chad did it all himself! He had a really good turn out and was nice and gave me the money from it! :)
Today all of us went over to our other house to get some more things that we still had over there. We have lived in our house for a week now and all that I can say is that I want to move back out to the countryside! I even looked online for houses close by in the country, but nothing that is big enough or anything that I like, I guess we are stuck here for awhile! It wouldn't be so bad living in town if we didn't have neighbors! Ha! Isn't that funny! But I can say this, at least our children are in a good school district!

Also,Big Mama bear just about came out today to rear her ugly head. Not to worry, I kept calm and carried on! GRRR When we came back home today we were amazed at how our backyard has become a playground for the neighbors! Um, first of all we weren't home, and second of all if a child got hurt it would fall back on us! Don't stand there with a beer in hand watching your kids play on our property! How rude! Grrrr I was so honked off, I would never let my kids play on someones stuff unless they had permission first. Chad was honked off too and said that we will be putting up a fence within the next week or so! For the most part I don't mind if the other kids want to play here, but I am not going to be a babysitter right now!

My current stress level is just about to blow! The house is not put together, my stove is still not working we bought all new appliances except for the stove since it was only two years old. We need to figure out how to convert the stove from LP gas to Natural gas, which is what we are on now. Someone must have threw the paperwork away. Oops! Hopefully tomorrow the guy will show up so that I can make supper and an apple pie! Things in the house are still not done I have trim that needs to be put up, a dishwasher and garbage disposal that needs hooked up, doors that need to be put on my closet and the list can go on and on! Hopefully I will get lots done this week in the house and bring my stress level down just a bit!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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