Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lets Play Ball!

The past two Saturdays have been filled with spending time at baseball games! Kyle decided to play this year, the last time he played was back when he was in first grade! That was before the other school decided to become picky about players and we didn't want to deal with all that drama! He never wanted to play again until we came to the new school and Kyle was excited to want to play again! I love the amount support the team gives to each other, they are all a wonderful group of kids!
Kyle watching and waiting for his turn to bat in the half made dug out! (It was mostly finshed when we went back on Monday)
Last Saturday Kyle, Lillian and I went to his away game, it was a double header and we all three were tired when we got home! Kyle said he had fun and thankfully the rain that was forecasted stayed away, in fact we even got a little sunburn through the clouds! Then on Monday, Kyle had another away game at the same place and did AWESOME! Oh yes he did, he smashed the ball into the outfield like it was nothing! He was so proud of himself, I was proud him! His team ended up winning that game!
Today he had a game here at home and didn't seem to have his game face on. Not sure what was up with him today it was much colder out than it has been the past few days and the crowd was a lot bigger than at the other games. Chad and the kids stayed in the truck for the most part of both his games because it was chilly out or at least for Lillian!
Below Jacob was paying for his sucker at the game.
It looks like our Saturdays are filled up for the most part from now until the middle of summer! That's alright with us, it's not like we were really busy anyway, this gives us something to do!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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