Monday, May 2, 2011

One Thousand Blessings

# 141-150

141. A pretty thorn less rose bush

142. Going to library with the kids after school

143. Rocking on the back porch swing one last time before we move it to our other house

144. Saying goodbye to the countryside and knowing that we will be back (sometime)

145. Moving to town

146. The kids helping to move their things to the other house

147. Spending the night at our other house for the first time

148. Walking to school to pick up the kids for the first of many, many more times

149. Watching the kids help Chad take the playhouse down so that we can move it

150. Chad's friends helping to put the playhouse back together into the later night hours

To learn more about One Thousand Blessings, visit Ann's blog, A Holy Experience and take the dare to count as many blessings that the Lord has given you!!!!

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