Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Kyle!

Today is Kyle's birthday and I can't believe how old he is getting! We decided to celebrate his birthday yesterday since I thought he had practice today. He normally has practice on Monday's but this week he has it tomorrow instead! He wanted to celebrate yesterday too since we were home all day yesterday. My little Kyle!
Kyle is such a sweetheart and one of the best big brothers anyone could ask for! He is caring, fun to be with, smart, funny, he can be shy at times but also very outgoing at times, he loves to take things apart and make them better and could possibly be a future engineer making things work better for all us!
He loves to work on tractors with Chad and stay out late in the garage, likes to ride his bike, play Lego's, would rather be outside than inside, adventurous, competitive and loves to ask me if I want to race! Sometimes that's just not a good question to ask me because I don't hold back, I know exactly were he got his competitiveness from!
Jacob loves having Kyle as a big brother!
He is adventurous and loves to see and discover new things, lets me know that I can really stop taking pictures of him but I won't and I know someday he will appreciate all of them. He is very good at cleaning up his room in fact I should really have him clean more of the house! Kyle you are growing up way to fast and we love having you with us! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kyle!!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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