Friday, May 13, 2011

Lillian 7 Months Old!

Gosh by golly, I had forgotten all about posting Lillian turning 7 months old! So I have been just a tad on the busy side lately with moving, baseball and trying to get the house how I want it. Who knew six people could accumulate so much stuff! My sweet littlest girl turned seven months on the 7th and had her check up earlier this Monday and weighs a whooping 19 pounds 4 ounces and is 27 inches long! Lillian most certainly weighs ever bit of 19 pounds and oh dear, are my muscles getting bigger from carrying her around! (That's a good thing!)
You are such a happy little girl when we go on walks and love to be outside, swing in your swing, watch the other kids play, and sitting on your blanket in the grass. You have started waving, although not all the time, it is cute when you do it! As far as sleeping through the night, HA!, do I even go there! Really I can't quite figure out why in the world you still feel the need to get up a few times during the night. I do have to applaud you in that the past few nights you have only got up one time each night, that is a lot more manageable than two or three!
As far as crawling, who needs to when you have two older sibling that love to get their hands on you and carry you around. The other sibling isn't supposed to pick you up, and thankfully he hasn't really that I know of! Believe me this house is not ready for you to start crawling yet, so don't worry about it! You don't mind sitting in your stroller outside watching the boys play baseball, you reach for things like crazy, especially if I am walking through a store, you seem to be more right hand dominant, you also started to shake your head no which is cute, at least for now and you love to listen to music and have become a very good dance partner!
Enjoying a nice warm breeze!
Still no signs of any teeth coming in that sweet little mouth of yours, I think you look so cute with your toothless grins! Your about the only one that loves my singing and like your mama, you love to eat! You really could care less about a sippy cup to drink from you do like to chew on it and still no bottles for you, only because I don't have any! I only feed you foods at supper time and I am thinking about feeding you breakfast, but then again it's nice for you to nurse instead! Oh Lillian, you are such a sweetheart and we love you to pieces!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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