Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Done With Baseball!

We are now officially done with baseball for the summer! Also, Lindsey no longer has to wear her cast! She can now begin to walk on her foot again, although her muscles need to stretch out some before she can walk normal! Bath time will much easier for us now! I'm sure by next week she will be running and jumping off the swings like nothing happened! With Kyle done with baseball and Lindsey done with having to wear her cast our summer seems to have started!
I thought that last week Kyle was done with baseball, but the boys had tournament games to play before they could call it quits. Last Saturday Kyle did AWESOME at his game! He didn't get any outs the whole game and he scored three points for his team, that's three times across home plate! His team won I think it was 15-1, those boys were rockin!
Kyle running into home plate!
I am so very proud of Kyle for his hard work, he improved so much over the past few months! He hasn't played baseball since he was in tee-ball! His coaches did a wonderful job and the other players on his team were great, we could not have asked for anything better! I was suprised that at a few of the games I knew some people from the other team! It was great to catch up with these ladies that I haven't seen in years and meet some new moms at the game. Kyle said he had fun, but he is glad to be done, in a way I am too! Let the summer fun begin!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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