Friday, June 3, 2011

Last Day Of School!

Yesterday was Kyle and Lindsey's last day of school! Unfortunately our summer break has started off with Lindsey having a broken foot! Last Saturday Lindsey was out by the garage with the boys and went to lay her bike up against a piece of metal when it then all came toppling down on her foot! Ouch! After putting ice on it for a few hours we decided to take her to the hospital and they said she had three small hair line fractures on the top of her foot, her metatarsals, and that it needed to be in a cast! Not the way I was planning to spend the next four weeks of our summer break! (24 more days, not that I'm counting or anything!)

Lindsey didn't go the last three of the four days of school, I was reluctant to send her only because she wasn't doing the greatest with her crutches. She missed seeing her friends while she was home and could not wait to go to school Friday! Her friends were all so helpful at school, she told me she was worried that they might make fun of her. Some of the kids told their story about when they had to use crutches or had a cast which help put Lindsey at ease. She felt as if she was the only person that had every been through something like this!

Today Kyle, Lillian and I spent the day basking in the 90° sunshine☀ at the baseball game! We did treat ourselves to a really yummy ice cream in a chocolate dipped waffle cone after the game. I had reapplied suntan lotion on Lillian about four or five times during the day and thankfully she didn't get sun burnt. Lillian and I sat under a shade tree in the breeze for both of the games and oh my those boys were exhausted by the end of the last game!

Oh yes and one last thing, I did finally manage to get a few pictures of the kids about two weeks ago! Last time I took their pictures together was right before Christmas! Why is it so hard to get everyone looking at me at the same time!!!!
Ha! They crack me up!!!!
As you can see, Jacob is not a huge fan of getting his picture taken!
I may have to bribe the kids and Chad to get a whole family picture! The last time we had a family picture taken was when Jacob was two!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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