Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lillian 8 Months Old!

I almost forgot Lillian is 8 months old now, my how time flies! Some excitement has happened to little Lillie, her first tooth is starting to come in! She looks so cute when she smiles with her one little itty bitty tooth in there! She is chewing on things like crazy, when I read to her she wants to chew on the book so I have to give her the pacifier to chew on instead. She has also found out that she can make sounds somewhat like the rest of us! She sure lets us know what she thinks, it is beyond the cutest little thing I've heard!
She also likes to pat things, usually her leg, she still does not sleep through the night, she loves to swing on the swings, go for walks in the stroller, a breeze blowing on her face, bath time, listening to her favorite music, when we sing her Lily Lily Golden Bell, makes for a great dance partner! I think she likes having Kyle and Lindsey around more often now that school is out, she loves to watch them and enjoys the attention they give her, for the most part! She lets them know when she's had enough. She also likes to try and eat the grass when outside, silly girl! She has the cutest little laugh and is ticklish under her little chin.
She really does like the swing, it looks like she is crying in the picture below!
Crawling is really not happening right now, although she sure can scoot herself around a room!
I'm not sure I am ready for her to start crawling just yet. She has also become really good at being my new model. I have been making her some really cute new things for summer!
This is how I found Lillian and Chad when I came back from dropping Kyle off at baseball practice today! Chad had just gotten home from work and Lillian had just finished eating her supper before I left. Apparently they were both tired! The nap was short lived after I got home, Chad had work to do and Lillian had more playing to do! Oh Lillie dear, you are such a cutie pie and we love you!!!! Blessings, Lisa

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