Monday, June 20, 2011

A Week in Review!

This past week seemed to fly by so fast! Of course we were busy as usual with swimming lessons, 4H meeting, baseball and going to the farm nursery to get more flowers! First off, Kyle loved swimming and I did see an improvement from when he first started. I was impressed that he jumped off the diving board since he told me he wouldn't do that! Baseball is almost over for us so then hopefully things will slow down a bit! And it wont be long and the 4H fair will be starting!
I did manage to score a really great deal on some flowers at a small farm not to far from home! I bought two nice sized hydrangeas for only $6 each, had I bought them at a big box store they would have cost at least $20 each! Now they just need to be planted. Actually we need to rotertill the flower bed, again, and lay mulch down. We have been way too busy and let things go in the flower beds. The kids were hot, hot, hot!!!!
One more week and Lindsey gets her cast off! We are counting down the days, I can't wait!!!!
She's a happy baby alright!
The little shed that was at the small farm was so cute!
Jacob and Lindsey wanted to paint their faces!
Goodness, summer break is going by way to fast for the kids! I still have lots of things planned, but we really need to wait until after next week when Lindsey goes back to the doctors office!
Blessings, Lisa

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